2018 Elections information

Download or print one page lists of labor-endorsed candidates for these counties below:

(We will post updated endorsements in the November 2018 general election later this summer.)


Most endorsements were made by union delegates to Labor Assembly COPEs in districts that fall entirely within their jurisdiction. The Executive Board of the Texas Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation COPE typically makes endorsements in districts that cross one or more labor assembly’s or CLC’s jurisdiction. The Texas AFL-CIO COPE, the political arm of the Texas AFL-CIO, has final jurisdiction over endorsements in statewide and federal races. 

Candidates must win support from 2/3 of COPE delegates to obtain an endorsement. A Dual Endorsement results when two candidates both muster 2/3 of delegates’ support. A No Action decision means that no candidate in a race mustered 2/3 support, allowing affiliated unions to support the candidate of their choice during the primaries. Endorsements are subject to updates based on primary and runoff election results and other factors.