COPE Endorsements for December 14, 2019 Runoff Election

Download and print a list of Labor-endorsed candidates for the December 14, 2019 elections:

PDF iconCOPE_endorsements.pdf

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Most endorsements are made by union delegates to Labor Assembly Committees on Political Education (COPE), the political arms of the AFL-CIO. The Texas Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation COPE makes endorsements in districts that cross one or more labor assembly’s or CLC’s jurisdiction. The Texas AFL-CIO COPE makes endorsements in statewide and Congressional races. 

Candidates must win support from 2/3 of COPE delegates to obtain an endorsement. A Dual Endorsement results when two candidates both muster 2/3 of delegates’ support. A No Action decision means that no candidate in a race mustered 2/3 support, allowing affiliated unions to support the candidate of their choice.